Plug and play RFID systems, accessible to SMEs

Being able to properly track and locate large batches of thousands of items is a challenge within any business.
Beam develops an easy-to-implement RFID platform that can be easily linked to existing business applications. We partner with the leading suppliers in the field of RFID and deliver a highly accurate and efficient RFID system that fully automatically tracks and records the location of your items. This allows your employees to get to work faster and more efficiently, prevent errors and virtually eliminate lost items.

Checking orders or packing lists with RFID from the app

Beam offers a total solution for internal tracking and tracing within logistics companies. With RFID technology, thousands of items can be automatically identified within seconds, resulting in very high accuracy and a reduction in personnel costs.

By working with a user-friendly app that works on any device, you are able to keep track of all stock easily and accurately.

  • Mobile application that works offline

  • Real-time stock insights

  • Connects to any ERP or WMS

Access RFID checkpoints from the cloud

The technology is easily configurable from the web-based interface. You can monitor the RFID checkpoints from anywhere.

  • Increase logistical efficiency

  • Measure process performance

  • Total solution from labels to scanners

  • Made for the user

Seamless integrations with ERP systems via our API

In addition to integration with the Beam app, the RFID platform can be fully linked to any ERP, WMS or other business application. Beam delivers a fully managed hardware and software solution that can be controlled via the API. In this way, you let us manage the complexity of RFID and software and you are still able to continue working with the current systems.

  • Linkable with any ERP and WMS via the API

  • Setting up the system via the Beam RFID interface

  • Open API documentation

Read the documentation

A total solution of hardware and software that scales with your business

Beam is partnered with the leading companies in the field of RFID. As a result, we guarantee the highest possible reliability of the system.

  • Customised RFID labels at competitive prices

  • Link any RFID reader with the Beam Scan Bridge

  • RFID printers with maintenance contract managed from the cloud

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