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Intuitive and modern stock management

Reduce administration, save time and always have live insight into your stock and business processes.

Applications built for ease of use.

It is our philosophy that everyone should be able to work with our software. Our applications are therefore intuitively structured and immediately provide complete insight into all stock and processes in the company.

Latest Technology

Our systems are built according to the latest web standards. So you are always assured of the fastest possible applications.

Unprecedented Service

At Beam, we're there for you every day. Installation has never been so quick and easy.

Ready for the Future

We never sit still.
We continue to develop our applications on a daily basis, which means that our customers are always ahead of the game when it comes to stock management.

Software that perfectly matches your business processes.


Software that perfectly matches your business processes.

1. Real-time batch registration

Immediate insight into how much of each batch, type or size is still in stock at any time during the season. So you always know exactly how much you can still sell. There are also various links possible with purchase/sales programmes/sales systems.

2. Clear cell management

Simply register every movement or change directly from the forklift truck. Because of the extremely user-friendly floor plan, the app is suitable for both young and older employees.

3. (Optional) Printing Labels

From the app you can easily print the right number of labels for each batch. The specially developed Print Bridge also allows you to connect your current printer to our software.

4. Creating orders/sanding lists

Orders and sanding packing lists can easily be created or read in. Due to the digital packing list, picked items are immediately deducted from the stock.

5. Coming soon - plant and crop registration

Easily create planting lists, register field operations and make yield graphs, so you keep control of your cultivation and always have insight into the cultivation history.

Corporate video

Watch the testimonial video of one of our customers here.

And now we introduce you to the world of RFID.

RFID is a technology that gives you automated insight into your business processes.
An RFID tag embedded in a label.

Beam develops gates that scan the entire contents of a pallet within seconds.

These gates connect seamlessly with the Beam App or your ERP. This allows you to see immediately which consignment is being moved or whether the order has been picked correctly. This eliminates the need for manual checks and prevents errors.
Logistics RFID scan-port

Automatic identification of items and batches.

RFID integrated in labels

The most reliable hardware

Web based software

Managed from the cloud

"Working digitally and keeping stock up to date gives peace of mind."

Rob van Haaster,
Owner of Haaster Vijfhuizen
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