Radio Frequency Identification.

Full-stack adaptive delivery.

Prepare for the future, we introduce the world of RFID.

The world needs smart technology. The solution to complex problems does not lie in more complexity, but in user-friendly applications. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology connects assets, shipments and operations worldwide with the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart solutions, for complex problems.

Reader and antenna

Advanced scan hardware remotely identifies hundreds of items per second.

UHF inlays

Each label has an integrated RFID inlay. This returns its unique EPC to the radio field used to identify the item.

IoT printers

New generation of RFID printers encode and print unique tracking labels at high speed.
Each item becomes part of the IoT.

By means of RFID each item, pallet or lot becomes a smart part within the company. Manual registrations become superfluous and the tracking and tracing history is immediately visible.

Actions automatically registered
Real-time insight without paper
Seamless integration with ERP systems
Smart decisions through the use of data
RFID Labels
RFID Hardware
RFID Software
Smart technology to keep track of everything
in the company
RFID chips incorporated into the label make each item trackable.
ERP link

Complex RFID systems simplified.

At Beam, we only use seamless hardware. This allows us to guarantee the best performing systems possible.

Gates designed by us.

In order to guarantee even better performance, we use shielding constructions. This contains all the hardware and can be scanned very concentrated. This eliminates cross- and strayreads.

"Less repetitive work, more focus on quality."

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