Print without difficult installation.

With the Beam Label Print Bridge, installation is done in a few minutes. Print from any location directly to the printer from our app or by linking to your current ERP.

The Beam Label Print Bridge

Installing and configuring industrial label printers on company networks is often a difficult process. Beam has therefore developed the Print Bridge in order to prevent high installation costs and unreliable performance. This device searches for a connection with the application and prints without the intervention of system managers. As a result, you are able to print at high speed from any location. In addition, the Beam Print Bridge is compatible with practically every type of label printer so that no new printer needs to be purchased.

Reliable and fast

The Print Bridge finds its own connection with the application and is less dependent on system administrators. Multiple label types can be easily selected and printed from desktop, tablet or even smartphone.

Features of the Beam Label Print Bridge

Location independent

The Bridge needs nothing more than an internet connection. This makes it possible to print from any location.

Print status

Status monitoring ensures that it is always clear whether the printer is working, has an internet connection or is the latest version.

Automatic updates

The Print Bridge is capable of updating itself. It is very convenient and it saves a lot of maintenance.


In the Beam settings the label and printer settings can easily be set and are directly synchronised to the printer.

For each user

Because the Print Bridge is always connected to your company, every employee who has access to it can print labels.


A print buffer is created and automatically finished. This is remembered when the printer is turned off or a roll is changed.

Easy to add

In the Beam settings screen, simply add a new printer and it will automatically connect.

Compatible with any brand

The Print Bridge automatically detects which printer is connected and applies the correct brand settings. This saves a lot of configuration and installation time.

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