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RFID Order Scan System

With the Beam Orderscan solution, your company will experience fully automated checks of batches and articles. This system based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) ensures that you are always assured that processes are running correctly.


We use RFID technology to move stock management to fully automated track and tracing.

Web based

Your company must be accessible from anywhere on any device. Our software is completely based on the latest web based internet standards.


Our RFID order scan module is built for scalability. Extra control points are easy to add.


We believe that everyone should be able to work with business software. With this vision in mind, we build applications that are as intuitive as possible.

Fully automated checks of batches and articles.

You can achieve this by scanning your orders with RFID.

99,9+ %
Reading reliability
5 sec
A complete order checked within 5 seconds
* Depends on order size

Functions of the Beam application


Every scanned order now has a registered history. This is easy to see and gives you and your customers a confirmation of correct execution.

Product list

As soon as the order is opened you will find the corresponding items in a list. These can then be scanned.

Data Filtering

RFID technology requires complex filtering. This is done automatically in the background by the supplied Beam Bridge.

Order list

In a clear list you will find all orders that have been prepared for scanning. You can also easily see their status.

Real Time Monitoring

On the dashboard you can see live the status of the scan. Here you have direct insight into the order. In this way you can see whether it is correct and what may be incorrect.

System Coupling

Information about orders to be scanned can be shot through your current ERP package in addition to the Beam application.


Pallets or deliveries often consist of multiple orders. Separate orders can easily be merged into a collective order.


At a glance, you can immediately see what is happening in your company on an interactive map.


All executed tasks and changes within your company will be administered after which you can work with this information.

Stock list

In a clear list you can find all stock and quickly sort columns with the most relevant information.


Stock that leaves your company is easily written off in the application and then disappears from the list.

Splitting up

Batches that need to be split up into several small batches can easily be split up into sub batches by using the split function.


A link with temperature and climate control systems enables you to link a temperature per zone to your stock.


Not every party remains the same throughout the process. With the adjust function you can easily adjust the properties of the batch.


By working with users, the application allows you to assign specific tasks to specific people and to find out who performed what.

Task list

Tasks based on your business processes can be found in the task list. These can be assigned and in addition you can see exactly what still needs to be done.


The batch screen is set up to add new batches or stock with just a few clicks and suggestions.

Print label

The software allows you to automatically print labels for created batches. These can be both regular and RFID integrated labels.

"Less repetitive work, more focus on quality."

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